5 Important People To Bring To Your Elopement

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Who should you invite to join you for your elopement? While this style of wedding originated with couples running off to secretly marry their beloved with almost no one the wiser, this isn't the case for modern elopements. You have many reasons to keep your ceremony small, but you also have options about who you want there. Here are a few persons who you may want by your side. 

1. The Wedding Party. Because eloping today isn't usually about secrecy, many couples still have a formal wedding party of friends and family. This can be just one or two people, but it's okay to have a larger group. As long as your venue can handle the size, there are no limits to who you can ask to be in your wedding. In some elopements, the wedding party may even be larger than the guest list. 

2. An Officiant. You generally need an officiant to fulfill state marriage rules. While a handful of states and the District of Columbia allow a couple to self-solemnize, this is uncommon. If you don't elope in one of these states, you'll need a third party to actually perform the state-mandated legalities. Check with your state as to whether this can be a friend or family member if you prefer. 

3. A Photographer. Just because your ceremony is small and nontraditional doesn't mean it doesn't deserve all the love and attention of a larger one. Use the funds you saved by skipping the big, traditional wedding and put these toward hiring a quality photographer. And make sure they have experience photographing the unique elements of an elopement. 

4. A Style Assistant. Elopements are untraditional, may be off  the beaten path, and have few backups. All this means that you don't have a big support system to ensure you look and feel your best. So why not ask a friend or family member to serve as a personal and style assistant? This person will help fix hair, refresh makeup, carry the wedding party's things, and be a literal or metaphorical shoulder to lean on. 

5. Your VIPs. Your guest list can be as small as you want or it can include more people. Most elopements keep the guest list to a dozen or so people, but there are no hard-and-fast rules. However, remember that your goal is an intimate ceremony — so you can't include everyone. Decide in advance where to draw the line as a couple. Start with your VIP guests and only add others after careful consideration. 

Where to Start

The best place to begin planning your elopement is by visiting a venue that caters to them. Tour their facility and get more tips from the experienced staff today. 

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