5 Reasons To Reduce The Size Of Your 2020 Wedding

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Are you planning a large wedding and reception in 2020? Many brides and grooms are rethinking the size of their nuptials for financial, health, and emotional reasons. Should you consider switching to a smaller, intimate wedding? The answer is probably 'yes', and here are a few of the most important reasons why. 

1. People Should Avoid Crowds. In many areas of the country, people are not currently allowed to have anything more than a small gathering. While these governmental restrictions will likely be lifted in the coming weeks or months, you may still want to limit the size of your gathering for health and safety reasons. Your guests will likely understand because they worry about the risk of infection with COVID-19, as well.

2. You Save Money. One likely side effect of the need to stay at home for weeks at a time will be a recession. If your income has been reduced — or could be reduced in the future — this may not be the time for a big, blowout wedding weekend. A small wedding allows you to still have that special day with those you love while dramatically cutting expenses.

3. Guests Save Money. Wedding guests and bridal party members often spend quite a bit on the big day, too. Between new clothes, travel plans, wedding gifts, and days off work, your guests will need to spend money they may not have either. If your guests are likely to be affected by current or future earnings loss, consider them when deciding how to plan your wedding. 

4. You Have Options. Large weddings generally must be held in large, dedicated wedding venues. But when you have a smaller, intimate celebration, your options open up far more. You could use this opportunity to find a more eclectic venue, support a local business, or be able to choose the date that most suits you.

5. You'll Worry Less. With quarantines, lockdowns, and job losses, most Americans are feeling more stress right now. Trying to manage the planning or rescheduling of a big wedding could add significantly to this. If your (or your partner's) stress levels will be made worse by such a big task, why not give yourself a break and scale it back? You can always have that big party once things have returned to normal. 

Could your big day benefit from any of these perks of a small gathering? If you think so, start by talking with wedding venues in your area to learn more about your options. With reduced stress and less cost, this switch may be the unexpected blessing you never knew you needed.