The Top Sweet 16 Party Venue Questions To Ask

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How can you make your teen's big birthday the event of the season? While a backyard bash was ideal in the earlier years, take a look at what you need to know about Sweet 16 party venues.

How Many Guests Can the Venue Hold?

Before you book a venue, make sure the space can accommodate your soon-to-be 16-year-old's guest list. If you don't already have a guest list:

  • Ask your child who they want to invite. It may take your teen a few days (or longer) to create a full guest list. Five them at least a week to think about who they want to invite. Even though they're best friends will make the list, they may also want to invite other acquaintances.
  • Add family and your friends. This is a party for your child. But that doesn't mean only their friends will make the guest list. Family members (such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles) as well as close family friends may make the list too.
  • Create rules. Does your child want to invite the entire sophomore and junior classes? If your teen's list is out of control, create realistic rules for who they can invite.

Compare your total guest list with the venue's occupancy and consider the size of the party versus the size of a space. A roomy banquet hall isn't the right match for an intimate Sweet 16. But this type of open area is ideal for a party with 100 or more guests.

Does the Venue Provide Catering Services?

While the teens may not want to sit down for a formal meal, hours of dancing may equal hungry guests. As you explore Sweet 16 party venue packages, ask:

  • What types of food/beverage options does the venue offer? Discuss everything from the type of service the venue provides (buffets or table service) to the specific menu items.
  • Can the venue handle dietary restrictions? Is it possible to choose a nut-free, diary-free, or gluten-free menu? If your guests have allergies or other dietary restrictions, make sure the venue's catering service can create and serve a safe menu.
  • What are the alcohol policies? If the party includes adult family and friends, you may want to offer alcoholic beverages. But you need to ensure the teens stay far away from the bar. Ask the venue staff how they handle this type of set-up.

With a guest list in place and the perfect party menu, you're ready to tackle the next phases of planning (event activities and party décor) and begin the Sweet 16 countdown.