Change The Look Of Your Wedding Dress With One Of These Additions

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When you've tried on a number of wedding dresses at your local boutique and have found the one that you'll wear on your big day, you may want to tweak the look of the garment to some degree. Fortunately, your wedding dress consultant can offer you a wide range of options that can transform the look of the gown, and then have the boutique's alteration specialists implement your idea. Maybe you want to give it a little more sparkle, or maybe you feel as though a small addition to it could change how it looks with your body type. Here are some ways that you can change the look of your wedding dress.

Add A Belt

A lot of wedding dresses don't come with belts, but that doesn't mean that you can't add one to yours. If you feel as though the midsection of the garment is lacking something, talk to your consultant about adding a belt. They will be able to show you a wide range of belts that will suit your particular gown and even pin some of them in place to allow you to assess which one will look best. If you have a large midsection and you feel as though a belt would be a flattering addition to the dress, this is an easy change to make.

Include Beaded Details

While many dresses have beading in various locations, others have plainer designs. If you've opted for a plain dress, it's possible that you want to give it a little sparkle — but perhaps not quite as much sparkle as one of the other dresses that has a lot of beading. One addition to consider is to talk to your wedding dress consultant about adding beading in a certain area. For example, perhaps you want a little sparkle on the shoulders or around the neckline. These additions can give your gown the exact look you desire.

Incorporate Some Lace

Another simple way that you can change the appearance of your chosen wedding dress is through the addition of lace. There are many different spots around the dress that lace can be suitable. If the garment has short sleeves, a bit of lace trim at the base of each sleeve may give you the look that you're going for. Lace around the bottom of the dress can also change how it looks. Your consultant can help you to choose a pattern of lace that appeals to you.

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