Pros And Cons Of Using Wooden Benches For Your Barn Wedding

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The layout and decorations of your barn wedding might be exciting to you, but to ensure that you create a space that is appealing for your guests, you'll also need to think about the seating that you want to use. Your first instinct might be to use folding seats, which is the norm at many weddings. However, another option to consider is using wooden benches, which you can usually rent from a party rental company. Consider these pros and cons of wooden benches for your barn wedding.

Pro: A Good Match With The Environment

Given the amount of wood in your barn venue, plastic or metal folding chairs might stand out for the wrong reasons. A better choice from a visual perspective can be wooden benches. This can especially be true if you can find them in a similar color at the wood inside of the barn — perhaps a faded gray "barn board" style of appearance. With this idea, it will seem as though the benches truly belong in the barn.

Con: Potential Layout Challenges

One thing that is nice about using chairs is that their small size gives you the versatility of setting them up however you want. For example, while placing the chairs in straight rows is common, many people also favor setting them up in a semi-circle. Doing so isn't as easy when you have wooden benches. While straight rows are obviously fine, a curved look can be difficult and may not look as smooth as you'd like.

Pro: Fast Setup

Setting up the seating at a wedding is an important task, but one that can take some time. Individual chairs can take a long time to unfold and set up, but this isn't a worry when you have wooden benches. Because the number of benches is considerably less than the number of chairs you'd be using, you and your helpers can often set them up in just a few minutes.

Con: Risk Of Crowding Issues

The number of people who can sit on a bench isn't always clear. You might be counting on six people sitting on each bench, but if some guests begin to spread out upon taking their seat, some benches may only have four or five users. Unless you make sure to have extra seating, you could run into an issue in which your late-arriving guests feel as though they're not enough space for them to sit.