4 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ceremony Venue

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The most important part of your special day is the wedding ceremony itself. There are many different types of venues to choose from, and it can seem daunting to settle on the perfect one. Here are some simple things to focus on when you are choosing a venue for the ceremony. 

Location- Location, location, location! If you are having your reception in downtown Manhattan, you probably shouldn't pick a venue for the ceremony in Buffalo. Choosing a venue close to the rest of the locations you are using (for the luncheon, reception, or overnight accommodations) is a sure fire way to ensure that you cut down on the stress of your day. Traveling long distances with the whole wedding party can feel like being the ringmaster in a circus, and that is a hassle you don't need to add to your plate. Choose someplace that is easy to get to and from.  

Aesthetic- A huge part of venue choice is aesthetic. You want that beautiful fairytale wedding you always envisioned. You should love the look of the venue you choose, and it should be a good fit with the rest of the wedding and you and your love's personalities. A quaint old fashioned church in the countryside is perfect for a laid back country style wedding. A park and an arbor might fit you and your darling to a T if you both love to spend time outdoors. A wedding venue hall might be ideal if you like to go big and fancy. Whatever is most appealing to you is the best option. 

Customization- Some wedding ceremony venues are more customizable than others. Most venues will let you bring in whatever flowers you like, some venues will even let you choose the carpeting and drapery. If you are looking for something very specific, you should ask about how much you are able to change. Some venues are much more rigid, like an old church, where changes will be minimal. 

Atmosphere- When you are visiting a venue, pay attention to the atmosphere. Listen to what you can hear outside: birds, cars, conversations, or snatches of music. These sounds will be part of your special day as well. Look at the light; is it warm and diffused, or is it cold and dramatic? Even subtle things like the smell of the bakery down the street or musky scent of old wood can contribute to a venue's atmosphere, and if it is part of the venue, it will become part of your day.