Special Unity Ideas To Include In Your Wedding Ceremony

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When you think about the elements that you want to be a part of your wedding ceremony, it can be special to look for opportunities to convey the theme of unity. This is an important day that is all about the unity between you and your significant other, as well as your families, so introducing an element into the ceremony that focuses on this concept can be important. There are all sorts of unity ideas for you to consider, and you'll also need to decide when in the ceremony you want this part to take place. Here are some popular unity ideas that you may enjoy.

Unity Candle

A lot of couples convey the idea of unity by lighting a special candle. There are lots of different ways that you can approach this process, but a common one is to have three candles — one large, and two small — at the front of the venue. You and your significant other will each hold one of the small candles and the officiant will light them for you. Then, as your assembled guests watch in support, you'll put the flames of your two candles to the wick of the large candle until it lights. This concept symbolizes unity because of the two separate entities coming together.

Unity Sand

The pouring of sand is another idea that you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony to convey the concept of unity. As with the candle, there are multiple ways that you can approach this idea. A popular choice is to have two small jars of sand and one empty jar. At the specified time, you and your significant other will each pick up one of the small jars of sand and pour the contents into the larger jar. It can be fun to choose two different colors of sand, as the mix that you create can be visually appealing. The jar with the combined sand can be on display throughout your wedding day, and you can then put it in a place of prominence in your home.

Unity Tree

If you and your significant other love nature, think about the idea of a unity tree. While you may not be able to plant a tree to symbolize unity at your wedding venue, you can put a small tree sapling in a pot by working together to fill a pot with soil and then add the sapling and some water. You have several options about what to do with the potted tree, including planting it in your yard after your wedding day.

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