Reserving A Wedding Venue? 3 Things To Prioritize For Comfort And Satisfaction

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The venue where you get married will play a major role in satisfaction at your wedding. While other factors can impact your wedding, you may want to find a venue that checks every box for you and your partner. Figuring out what to prioritize while looking at different wedding venues will make it easier to get the comfortable and satisfying experience you are interested in.

Square Footage 

Each venue will have a unique layout that impacts how easy or difficult it is to move around. So, while square footage certainly makes a difference, you can find venues with extensive square footage that might not feel the easiest or most comfortable to move around in. However, a reliable strategy is to analyze and prioritize square footage for its potential to help.

Most sizable wedding venues will give you the spaciousness you want or need. A spacious venue also makes it easier to invite a high guest count that gets close to the venue's capacity.

Another detail to consider is whether you will have guests with physical disabilities because you may want to guarantee ease and comfort for them with getting around.

Ceiling Height

While square footage is an excellent measure to analyze, you can also look at venue ceiling heights before making any commitments. Short ceiling heights may not impact the quality of your ceremony or reception. However, you will appreciate tall ceiling heights because they can make rooms appear spacious and inviting, which is excellent for everyone at the wedding.

Even the shortest venue ceiling heights will not put guests at risk of hitting their heads. However, a tall ceiling allows you to set up overhead decorations that do not get in the way.


In a large venue with an impressive ceiling height, you can look forward to oversized windows that bring in a ton of natural light. Some venues will even have skylights to boost the visuals and natural lighting because sunlight comes directly from overhead instead of on the sides.

These windows are also advantageous because they can give your guests a fantastic outside view. While some venues may look out to a beach, forest, ocean, or mountains, you might still appreciate lovely landscaping alone that your guests find visually appealing.

When you are looking to prioritize comfort and satisfaction for your wedding, you will find these features and qualities worth considering because they can help you achieve your goal.

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