5 Ways To Maximize A Small Wedding Reception Venue

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A smaller reception venue can be great for your budget, your time investment, and your sanity. But how can you achieve a cozy look without making it feel cramped? Here are five easy choices that will create a space you and everyone else will enjoy all day.  

1. Skip the Details   

Smaller spaces mean you only have to create a fraction of the number of centerpieces and other decor compared to a large wedding reception. But they also mean you can skip some of the smaller details which will take up space — but don't necessarily add a lot to the overall impact. This is a great time to get in touch with your inner minimalist. 

2. Use Folding Tables 

The challenge for small reception venues is fitting in both the meal needs and the dancing needs of the party. One easy way to do both? Rent folding tables and chairs instead of traditional seating. You can then take away a section of tables to make more space for late-night partying. Folding tables and other elements can also be brought in or taken away as their purposes — such as cutting the cake or DJing — are begun and completed. 

3. Find a Beautiful Space

The more aesthetically appealing your venue is, the less you will need to add elements in order to create a stunning reception. So look for a venue with windows to a beautiful view, beautiful architectural details, the right vibe, or built-in amenities. This way, you can simply use what's already there as your backdrop. 

4. Scale Down Tables

Reception tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look for smaller and slimmer options to provide seating and dinner for your guests. Scale down round tables from seating 8 to seating 6. Switch from square to space-saving round shapes. Or change from traditional reception table layouts to banquet (or family style) seating or even cocktail style with its bistro tables. 

5. Keep It Light 

Interior designers will tell you that neutral, softer shades make rooms look and feel larger. Use this trick in your wedding design as well. Pale colors allow guests' views to extend instead of breaking up the room. Use pops of color strategically to achieve your desired color combination. 

Where to Start

When you plan well, any venue is an option for your reception — even smaller spaces you may not have immediately considered. Start planning your strategy to create a gorgeous reception no matter the space by touring wedding reception venues in your desired area today.