3 Things to Know About Marriage Licenses

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Whether you are heading to the courthouse to get married or planning a big celebration with all of your friends and family, you will need to have your marriage license ready to go. Your marriage license is the legal document you and your partner need to secure before marriage. Requirements regarding marriage licenses vary depending on where you live. However, once you know when and where you want to get married, it's time to start thinking about your marriage license. Here's what to know about marriage licenses.  

What Requirements You Need To Meet

The first thing to know about getting a marriage license is what requirements you need to meet. Marriage license requirements tend to vary from state to state. However, you will always need to have proof of your identity when seeking a marriage license. You may need a birth certificate, driver's license, or passport to obtain your license. Some states require information on your parents, while others may require a witness to be present when you are getting your marriage license. If you need a marriage license, you need to look up what information you need to bring before heading to the county clerk's office. 

How Much One Will Cost

The fees for marriage licenses vary depending on where you obtain your license. Marriage licenses can set you back as little as $10 or cost up to $115. The factors that impact the cost include the county, city, or state in which you obtain the marriage license and your residential status. In some areas, you may qualify for a discount if you undergo pre-marital counseling or take a marriage education course. Make sure you work the marriage license cost into your wedding budget. 

The Timing Matters

Making sure you have your marriage license ready to go at the right time is crucial, but it can be challenging. There's a mandatory waiting period you have to observe between obtaining your license and getting married in some states. The waiting period can vary from just a few days to up to a week. It's also important to note that marriage licenses can expire if you wait too long to send them in. Depending on where you are getting your license, you'll need to file for one somewhere between one week and 90 days before your wedding. 

If you are planning to get married, you need a marriage license, and there are a few things to know. First, you need to determine what requirements you and your partner need to meet to obtain a marriage license. Second, marriage license fees vary, so look into how much your license will cost. Finally, make sure to give yourself enough time to obtain your marriage license.